The Calm in My Storm

As I continue to research systemic lupus erythematosus, medstore systemic sclerosis and mixed connective tissue disease, clinic it gets a little more daunting with each new article or post that I find. Especially knowing that I have been going through this, sickness undiagnosed, for about 3-4 years now (possibly longer), and seeing how a lot of the conditions that I have been recently diagnosed with are all connected to each other. Knowing that I could very likely end up with Rheumatoid Arthritis is not appealing to me at all, but it’s a very real possibility. And it scares the crap out of me knowing how debilitating it can be.

BUT…I also know who my God is! And while this is all so scary and uncertain, I know He is here to be the calm in my storm. I just need to remember this when I get low. As Pastor Rick said in his sermon at church last night “sometimes He chooses to calm the storm, and sometimes He chooses to calm the child”, honestly, I’ll take either one right now. I mean, healing would be an awesome miracle and testimony! But even just having the knowledge that He is here with me, by my side, and calming me when I get worked up about how things are going, and how they could turn out, gives me peace of mind.

We sang a song during worship last night, that literally brought tears to my eyes as I was singing it. For those who may not know, I am on our small worship team. I almost couldn’t continue singing, because I began to get choked up while singing this song, because it spoke to me. Strange how it didn’t affect me this way at all while we were practicing it, but it really struck me during our actual worship service. It’s called Great Are You Lord. I’ll type the words here and also link you the song on youtube.

Click HERE to listen to the song on youtube. (I apologize in advance to whatever ad youtube decides to play before the song)

Great Are You Lord 
words and music by Jason Ingram, Leslie Jordan, and David Leonard

You give life, You are love, You bring light to the darkness
You give hope, You restore every heart that is broken
Great are You Lord

It’s Your breath in our lungs
So we pour out our praise, we pour out our praise
It’s Your breath in our lungs
So we pour out our praise to you only

And all the earth will shout Your praise
Our hearts will cry these bones will sing, great are You Lord!


And with that, I will leave you with this gorgeous sunset that I captured on the way home from church last night.

Photo Aug 21, 7 46 00 PM

photo taken with my iPhone SE and edited with PicTapGo app on my phone

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