A few tips for shooting product photography

First off, sick has it really been 6 months since I’ve posted anything?? Yikes!! My apologies!

My photography focus has shifted some, ambulance and I’ve been doing some product photography lately. I have had a lot of fun getting creative with my “subjects” and also making sure I get good, plague clear images for the client.

Before I get into sharing some tips, I wanted to share how I got into doing product photography.

Back in December, I had been less than inspired to pick up my camera for anything. I literally almost sold my gear because it had sat for almost 4 months without me picking it up once (gasp!! right?). My husband said “Babe, you don’t want to sell your gear! You’ll end up regretting it, and then there’s no way you’ll be able to buy it again for what you sold it for! Try finding something that inspires you; I’m sure there’s something that you’ll want to take pictures of.”.

I bring my camera to work everyday in hopes that SOMETHING will inspire me! And one day while at work (I work for my dad, and when it’s slow, I can kind of do whatever I want with the downtime), I had gotten some fun glitter-y nail polish in the mail that I had ordered, and I thought ‘ooh, these would be fun to take some macros of!’, so I picked up my camera at last, and started snapping some images of nail polish right there on my desk.

And there it was; my inspiration; in nail polish of all things!

I posted those fun images onto my nail polish Instagram account, and the brand loved them so much, that she asked me if I’d be willing to take pictures for her website in exchange for some more of her awesome polish! “Sure,” I said, “that would be super fun!”. And now 90% of the images on her site are ones that I have taken for her!

And that is how I got into product photography. Now I am working with a couple different brands, and am having a lot of fun with my photography!

(this image was recently published on a nail polish magazine website in an article showcasing the brand)


And now for some tips on how to shoot product photography…(I also wrote a similar post a few months ago for Everyday Elements)

First, the most important thing that I think is needed with product photography is good lighting! Light is important to make sure that you are showing the product clearly and accurately. Since I am mostly a natural-light photographer, I have learned to do product photography without a light box. But for those who prefer to use lights, they make light boxes in all sizes. I found this small one that I can use on my counter top for those really dark days when natural light isn’t attainable or ideal.



Focus is another important factor!¬†Blurry images are hard to look at, and especially when trying to display a product. (The reason this image is “blurry” on both sides of the center is due to my aperture setting, and the fact that the bottle is curved. However, you can still clearly see the product!)



And most importantly, make sure you can clearly see the brand name! It’s lots of fun to look at glittery macros, but if you don’t see a name anywhere in another image, you won’t know where to look for that product.


It’s also fun to just have fun with your images! Create fun settings for a product that you might not normally see it displayed. Being creative with your images gets attention! I had fun setting these polishes up on a snare-drum-turned-polish shelf and on a wine barrel with some props!



So, to sum it all up…use good lighting, get clear and crisp images, show the brand, but most of all, just HAVE FUN!

@polishedbybeckie is my nail polish Instagram account 

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